The Shannon Riverdance Band

Meet the Shannon Co. band – an extraordinary group of musicians who bring our music alive night after night!

Riverdance: Are We Professional Packers? You Decide!

Riverdance – #LifeHacks: Packing!! Riverdancers live out of suitcases for months at a time and here they share their packing do’s and dont’s!


We love a fact or 20 here at Riverdance – The fantastic Dancer and Blogger Sarah Woods gives you all the stats from our 21st Anniversary UK Tour!

April Venues

Well it’s that time of the month again where Dancer & Blogger Meghan Lucey gives you a sneak peak into our amazing view from onstage!

London Calling

Find out what our Barrow Co. got up too on a day off in LONDON BABY!

Day off: NYC

New York, New York…I want to wake up, in a city that never sleeps..Find out what our Shannon Co. got up too on a day off in the Big Apple!

Tour Surprises

Surprise – Surprise! We love a good Surprise here at Riverdance and none is better than when our Friends turn up to surprise us on tour!!

What Entertains the Entertainers?

Travelling from venue to venue can give you alot of time to learn new skills – Check out what the dancers get up to in there spare time!

From Summer School to the World Stage!

Ruth, Arlene, Ciara and Erin all took part in the Riverdance Summer School 2015 and now they are on their very first Riverdance tour – Find out how this experience has been for them


This weeks blog – Showing you all the paperwork and important things that happen behind the scenes to keep us traveling and performing to the best of our abilities all across the world.