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Tour Surprises

One of the best things about tour is making so many amazing friends. We spend so much time together while on the road that we cannot help but to become very close. We’re like a big family! I know that I have made some of my closest friends in the World on tour with Riverdance and the only bad thing is that we don’t all live near each other. When tour is over we have to go from seeing our best friends 24/7 and living just a few hotel rooms away to going back home and having to call, skype or sometimes even fly to a different country to have a visit. On the bright side since we all have friends in so many areas, Australia, USA, England, Ireland, Scotland etc. we will always have an excuse to visit new places in the years to come.

This tour we have been lucky enough to have a few surprise visits from some of our friends. When the Shannon Company was traveling through Las Vegas NV back in January, Peter Wilson and Brian Shinners (both currently in the Barrow Company) decided to pay us a visit. They just showed up one night and we all were so incredibly happy that we screamed!! Some of us hadn’t seen them in over 2 years so it was a fantastic way to catch up. Both Peter and Brian had not only an amazing vacation but also an incredible reunion with some of their best friends!



Our most recent surprise was for fellow Riverdancer Nicola Dempsey. Nicola is getting married soon so as a surprise early wedding present a bunch of her friends here on tour, myself included, decided to fly Nicola out to Chicago for a little vacation and, selfishly, to visit us. We coordinated with her fiancé and pulled off the surprise perfectly. She showed up at the airport in London on Thursday morning not knowing where she was going only to find out that she was boarding a plane to Chicago! We all got to spend a lovely weekend with her and sent her back home to Wales with loads of shopping and a bit of jet lag, but hopefully feeling refreshed and happy.


Hopefully in the next coming months of tour we can have even more fun and exciting visits with friends from around the World. I’m not sure that any more surprises can top the ones we’ve already had but I hope that someone tries! Have any of you surprised anyone with a visit before? Tell us about it in the comments!

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