#FunFactFriday - Riverdance


So I have a little obsession with facts. I never remember any facts mind you, but I like reading about them. I took some time this week to ask some of the crew some facts about the show. These are based on a 7 show week for 2 months ( which is roughly the amount of time for our UK & Germany tour.)

  • In a two month tour we will go through about 36 candles. These candles are used for when we sing Hearts Cry.


  • We will use roughly 1,280 rolls of black tape. This is just what the dancers use to keep their shoes on nice and tight on their feet and doesn’t include what crew use.It works about about 23 rolls a show at 100 meters per roll!

Blog #FunFactFriday tape

  • We will use about 3,520 litres of water over two months and that’s just the water  in the machines which we have side stage and  not including the water we bring ourselves.

Blog #FunFactFriday Water

  • 96 boxes of tissues over two months.


  • There is 4,500 tone of equipment over the stage. Now that’s just INSANE!


  • The video wall weighs 1,325 kilos.


  • There are 99 panels in the video wall


  • 110 kilos of dry ice used PER show and they have 240 litres of water pumped over them per show. Each bag weights 10kilos.

Blog #FunFactFriday Dry Ice IMG_2686

  • 86 lights and 408 lighting ques in the show.


  • 16GB of video content used in every show.


  • 270cbm of truck space which is broken down into three trucks & three drivers.


  • Our wonderful physiotherapist, Fiona Mc Cabe reckons that over the two months we will have used about  1,000 Ibuprofen tablets and she will have used almost 1,000 acupuncture needles keeping 76 legs pain free as well as all the other body.


  • 2,240 kilos of ice for after the show in a two month period. This is what dancers put their legs into after the show to aid muscle recovery, more commonly known as ‘ice buckets’!

Blog #FunFactFriday Ice Buckets

  • The Sound desk has 420 buttons. 5 separate in ear mixes and four stage mixes.Its made by Yamaha make which also makes motorbikes.


  • Morgan, our sound engineer reckons that over the two months he will have used 2,400 AA batteries and he also uses 125 Amps of power which only for sound.


  • 24 channels of radio frequencies.


  • The show uses 32 amp channels for front of house and 4 amp channels for the stage.


  • In wardrobe ( this one blows my mind) there are 932….. 932 wearable garments!!We don’t wear all of these obviously but this is the amount that wardrobe carry around to each venue and have as back ups! Caroline and Yvonne do an excellent job at keeping all our costumes looking perfect.


  • The quickest, ‘Quick Change’ in the show is 25 seconds. That’s also very impressive and it is for the meal lead going from Trading Taps into the new number Sueños.

Blog #FunFactFridaycostumes

And last but not least…..

  • During the UK portion of this tour we have travelled 1,865 miles.

So there you have it! Some facts about the show!! 🙂


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