Riverdance 25th Anniversary Show launches in the UK

Riverdance, the New 25th Anniversary Show launches the UK 2020 Tour in London today and will tour 25 cities nationwide.

Nearly there now – Shannon Co. Vlog

From down in the Peach State, all the way up to the Great White North, the last stretch of our latest North American adventure is nearly upon us. But this has not stopped the troupe and crew from cramming in a ton of fun. Let Darren and Peter fill you in……

Shannon Co. Vlog!

It’s your April news capsule with Peter and Darren…..

Christmas Time..

Christmas in Chengdu, New Years in Xi’an and everything in between. Keep up to date with the Barrow Company in China through the eyes and ears of Darren Casey.

This week on tour with Darren Casey

From dodgy pronunciations to impromptu sessions & even a new lead dancer! Catch up with life on tour with Daren Casey latest Vlog

And we’re back!!

Winter has arrived and yet another sell out tour of China is upon us. Cast and crew have landed in Harbin, the first city of the tour and here with his first of many blogs and vlogs is resident blogger and dancer, Darren Casey.

It’s Not Good Bye, Just See You Later!

Who knows where the rest of the year will take us but for now we’ve had a lovely run in North America with the Shannon Company!

Wolf Trap National Park – An Amazing Venue!

One of our tour favorite venues to visit is the Filene Center at Wolf Trap National Park VA… read on to find out why!

Post Tour Plans

You hear about what happens on the road.. but what happens when a tour finishes?

When things go wrong, Teamwork Makes It Better!

For the most part everything on tour is fantastic. It all runs smoothly 98% of the time but as we all know sometimes things in life don’t work out exactly as planned and on tour we are no strangers to that.