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When things go wrong, Teamwork Makes It Better!

With the amount of traveling we do it Is inevitable that we loose a few bags along the way. Back at the beginning of this tour some of the casts luggage didn’t arrive with us to the airport. Our company management filed the claim tickets and luckily the bags were all delivered to our hotel the following day. Until they arrived however, the unlucky victims had only what was in their carry on luggage so we as a troupe offered up any toiletries and spare PJs we had.


Sometimes buses break down. It’s not anyone’s fault, but it happens. In cases like this we all have to squeeze into one bus for our travel day. It’s not the most comfortable but we don’t mind sharing seats every once in a while, we know it’s no ones fault so we have to think positively about it.. it’s kind of like an adventure that brings us together!


Back in February we experienced some snow while on tour. This posed a problem for our buses when they tried to pull into the driveway of our hotel which wasn’t plowed yet. Some of the boys grabbed a few shovels and helped clear a path for the bus. Talk about teamwork!


Since we travel so often together we become like a big family. We are always looking out for each other and will help each other if we need it. I know tour wouldn’t be as an amazing experience as it is without the love and support by everyone here so thank you to everyone for that! Have you experienced any crazy traveling experiences? Tell us in the comments.

View from the stage: May!


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