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Wolf Trap National Park – An Amazing Venue!

One of the coolest venues in the country to perform at is the Filene Center at Wolf Trap National Park in Virginia. It is always a cast favorite as the venue is outdoors and only partially covered so there is open aired seating amor the audiences and a nice breeze on stage for us performers.

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In Virginia it can be very hot outside.. especially in the summer months which is when we happen to be here dancing. To make sure we don’t get too hot there is plenty of water side stage and massive fans for us to cool off in front of between numbers. Backstage is also air-conditioned so when we have a longer break we can chill out (pun intended hehe) in the cool dressing rooms.



It is really fun to perform here because, as you can imagine, during our matinee it is very bright on the stage. When we have blackouts between numbers you can still see everyone moving around which is rare in the theatre world. Being outdoors is also cool because we can see the sunset during the night show and when the stars come out it is really beautiful. Of course being outside does mean that there are bugs flying around and it is hard to not swat at them while we are dancing!



I’ve been lucky enough to perform at this open air theatre for four times now and each time I enjoy it more and more. Back in June 25th 1997 Riverdance opened for a two week run here at Wolf Trap and it was the company’s first outdoor performance. Hopefully we will be back, we love you Wolf Trap!

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