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Getting to know you: Dharmesh Patel

As part of our ‘Getting to know you..’ series, Riverdancer and Blogger Shaunessy Sinnett talks to Tapper Darmesh Patel about his dance experience in Riverdance, and outside the show!

Video: Backstage on Tour

Ever wonder what happens during show rehearsals, rotations and backstage when the show is live. Lead Dancers Callum Spencer and James Greenan put together this video of the Liffey Company. Music Track Caoineadh Chú Chulainn composed by Bill Whelan.

Video: Life on the road with the Riverdance Dancers

WATCH: Some of the favorite moments from the first leg of our 20th Anniversary European Tour

A busy time in Detroit

From Saginaw to Syracuse, between easter eggs and new fiddle players, It is only now I’ve had a minute to come up for air and share with you some more stories from our life on the road. We have come past the half way point of our final farewell tour and things are still as exciting as ever! Indulge in my tales from our home away from home.

Dallas, Longview, Houston and Pensacola in one week!

Join Irish Dance Troupe member Maeve Fearon as she travels with Riverdance to 4 cities in one week – seventeen years since the opening night of Riverdance in Dublin in 1995.


Today, I am about to embark on another exciting tour with ‘Riverdance’. For the next five months, I will be travelling across USA & Canada, to over 80 destinations, performing to thousands of people every week and ultimately living my dream.

Farewell Éire – Hello U.S.A.

Well this week began with the old ritual of taking down of the suitcase from my attic and since Hawaii wasn’t all too long ago, my case happens to be cobweb-free. (Sigh of relief!)
So I started the packing process with searching for my dance shoes.