Maeve Fearon Archives - Riverdance

Grand Theatre, Quebec to Cinco de Miau, Knoxville

It was nice to be back in a dance studio and a fine studio it was at the “Grand Theatre”, Quebec. This was even more important for one of our new troupe members, Callum Spencer who in just a few short days after his arrival would perform male lead for the very first time.

Boston to Toronto

Meanwhile, our male troupe had an early start as they performed live on Canada’s largest TV show, Canada AM. Their PR duties must have paid off as the audiences in Toronto were the most memorable of the tour with a whopping near 10,000 people attending our shows!

Visiting the birthplace of rock and roll and more

We’ve returned to tour now for several weeks and have already seen many wonderful sights and explored some illustrious places. However, this week was undoubtedly the most interesting to date.

Dallas, Longview, Houston and Pensacola in one week!

Join Irish Dance Troupe member Maeve Fearon as she travels with Riverdance to 4 cities in one week – seventeen years since the opening night of Riverdance in Dublin in 1995.