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Boston Irish Dancers Take the Riverdance Stage

This week in Boston some of the local dance schools opened for our show here at the Wang Theatre and what a fantastic job they did!

Meet Brandi Fucci, one of Riverdance’s Fantastic Backstage Talent

Brandi Fucci one of our incredible crew members. This tour wouldn’t be the same with out her; she really ‘lights’ up our day!

Boston to Toronto

Meanwhile, our male troupe had an early start as they performed live on Canada’s largest TV show, Canada AM. Their PR duties must have paid off as the audiences in Toronto were the most memorable of the tour with a whopping near 10,000 people attending our shows!

Boston – a fond goodbye

Boston itself ,being a city quite influenced by the Irish, makes it a hub for many Irish Dancing Schools. We were so thrilled to welcome Irish Dance students from many different dance academies to our performances over the weekend period. Autograph signing and partaking in group shots with throngs of young dancers and enthusiasts makes my job on the road as exciting as ever.

Ní Charra Returns to Fiddle for Final Riverdance Fling

Ní Charra ended up touring as a fiddler with Riverdance for eight years, leaving the show six years ago to pursue her own music career. Last year, as the producers started putting together the lineup for the show’s grand finale tour, they asked Ní Charra to come back on the road for, as she put it, a final ‘hurrah!’

“one of the defining touring shows of the past 20 years”

Good dancing makes you want to dance, and Riverdance does that. Not only is this incoming production a chance to see, one last time, one of the defining touring shows of the past 20 years, it’s a chance to pay tribute to a show that, I’m sure, swells the ranks of local dance classes, where young girls and boys turn step dancing from something you simply see into something you do.