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Our Favorite Dances

What’s our favorite dance? Read on to find out!

Being An Audience Member From Our Perspective

Being in a show has made us appreciate our industry a lot. We love to support the arts and are just as amazed at the magic of theatre as you are

VIP Visitors in Toronto

There have been over ‘Riverdance’ 60 marriages and over 86 babies and we just love it when they come back to visit!

When things go wrong, Teamwork Makes It Better!

For the most part everything on tour is fantastic. It all runs smoothly 98% of the time but as we all know sometimes things in life don’t work out exactly as planned and on tour we are no strangers to that.

View from the stage: May!

Read about the Theaters the Shannon Co Visited in May

Dance Captain Take Over

Being a Riverdance Dance Captain is a tough job – Stephan Brennan had the daunting task of taking over for a couple of weeks in the Shannon Co. – He chats to Meghan Lucey about how he got on!

#Tourlife – Seeing the world!

Our dedication to dance has given us the opportunity to see and visit places in the world that we would never otherwise – read some of the Barrow Co. career highlights

Backstage with the Band

For the first time in the history of Riverdance the Barrow Company currently touring Germany have an all female 4 piece band. Dancer & Blogger Peter Wilson finds out more

Riverdance on Runway

We are a stylish bunch here at Riverdance, from travel days to nights out see what some of our favorite brands are!

Riverdance: Are We Professional Packers? You Decide!

Riverdance – #LifeHacks: Packing!! Riverdancers live out of suitcases for months at a time and here they share their packing do’s and dont’s!