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Riverdance – Tour Habits

Everyone in the World has habits. Whether they be good, bad or just plain weird. While of course we all strive to have good habits, therefore being the best person we can be, sometimes you just can’t help it! Here on tour we collectively have tons of odd habits. Most of these habits don’t translate back into our every day lives and only happen on tour or during a show. Here are a few of our bad/odd habits that we frequently do while on tour!

Gianna Petracic drinks more coffee than she should while on tour. Local coffee shops are great places to hangout in, use wifi, get a feel for the town and of course grab a quick pick me up and a bite. It is very tempting to grab a coffee multiple times a day when its so easily accessible on tour!



Chloey Turner has a habit of straightening her hair too much while on tour. It looks great on stage but the heat is bad for her hair.

Chris Barbour, our physio, says his worst habit on tour is indulging in all of the delicious local foods in each town but not necessarily finding enough time to exercise.

I know a good few of us, myself included, have a habit of not washing our makeup brushes as often as we should while on tour. I just find that they don’t seem to dry in time, and we certainly have a lot of brushes to wash!



When Maggie Darlington is lead her habit is to go to the bathroom before every number she dances,  whether she has to go or not!


Patrick O’Mahony pulls on his left ear before every number he dances. Xander cross does something similar, he has to touch his face before he goes onstage, especially if he is nervous.





At the beginning of every show I look for the shooting star on the screen while the whistle is playing at the beginning of Reel Around the Sun. It is timed perfectly so I can see it before I have to walk on and dance!



Collectively we all use too much electrical tape on our dance shoes to keep them on while we dance but the bad habit is leaving it in balls on the floor when we take it off instead of putting it in the trash. Or even worse, the boys have a habit of tossing their balls of tape into the girls quick change which is annoying even if it doesn’t hit anyone!



It seems that while everyone is on tour a majority of us have the bad habit of sleeping in as late and as often as we can. Although when our job finishes at 10pm and we don’t get to sleep until midnight at the earliest, can you really blame us for that?! What bad/odd habits do you have? Tell us in the comments!


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