The Languages of the Barrow Company - Riverdance

The Languages of the Barrow Company

 Hello/Hola/Buna/Здравствуйте/Olá/Dia dhuit from the Barrow Company! Music and dance are universal languages, but when it comes to chatting backstage, you’ll hear everything from Russian to Spanish to Irish! Get to know where we are from, what languages we speak and our favourite foods from home.

Ana Turcan
Hometown: Chisinau, Maldova
Languages: Moldovan, Romanian, English, Russian
Favourite food from home: Friptura cu mamaliga – Meat stew with corn flour bread

Nêgah Santos
Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil
Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French
Favourite food: Brazilian couscous with butter

Rocio Montoya
Hometown: Granada, Spain
Language: Spanish, English
Favourite food: Mom’s lentil soup

Bobby Hodges
Hometown: Bristol, UK
Language: English
Favourite food: Mum’s lasagna or Dad’s turkey and leek pie

Erin Roberge
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
Language: English
Favourite Food: Mom’s spicy shepherd’s pie

Tomás O’Sé
Hometown: Dún Chaoin, Ireland
Languages: Irish, English
Favourite Food: Beef stew, and steak and potatoes

Evgenii Gurianov
Home: Moscow, Russia
Languages: Russian, English
Favourite Food: Borscht


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