St Patrick’s Day UK TV appearances - Riverdance

St Patrick’s Day UK TV appearances

The Flying Squad made two UK TV appearances on St Patrick’s Day this year. Zara Curtis and Sean Kelliher led the troupe on ITV’s Paul O’Grady Show performing Reel Around the Sun and Heartland while Sean Kelliher, Zara Curtis & Katie Maguire rose to the challenge on CBBC’s Xchange mixing Riverdance moves with street music to great effect!

(L to R) – Jason McMorrow, Katie Maguire, Craig Henderson, Oran Ostinelli, Abigail Browne, Sean Kelliher, Zara Curtis, Liam Ayres, Paul O’Grady, Karen Halley, Ciaron Brooks, Sinead McLaughlin, Julie Regan, Edel Quin.

(Back Row L to R) – Craig Henderson, Katie Maguire, Jason McMorrow, Abigail Browne, Julie Regan, Karen Halley, Oran Ostinelli. (Front Row L to R) – Edel Quin, Sean Kelliher, Sinead McLaughlin, Ciaron Brooks, Zara Curtis, Liam Ayres.

(L to R) – Abigail Browne, Edel Quin, Liam Ayres, Karen Halley, Ciaron Brooks, Zara Curtis, Paul O’Grady, Sean Kelliher, Jason McMorrow, Julie Regan, Oran Ostinelli, Sinead McLaughlin, Craig Henderson, Katie Maguire.

(L to R) – Oran Ostinelli, Zara Curtis, Sean Kelliher, Abs, Ortis, Katie Maguire.

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