Original Troupe announce the 25th Anniversary Shows

20 members of the original Riverdance troupe who were in the show when it began 25 years ago, with the new Riverdance troupe, none of whom were born when Riverdance began, pictured outside 3Arena, the site where Riverdance was first performed in 1995.

Riverdance at the Gaiety in pictures

Enjoy the magic and beauty of Riverdance and the spectacular performances of the dancers with the stunning photos from one of this week’s performances

A visit to scenic Killarney

Dancing around the vibrant town of Killarney and the surrounding dramatic landscape ahead of the show’s return to the INEC, Killarney this September.

The 1994 Eurovision Performance

25 years ago Riverdance burst onto the world stage as part of the Eurovision Song Contest. This seven minute routine was to change the face of Irish dance forever.