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Riverdance Cast – Meet Katerina Brovkina

Latest member to our Moscow Folk Ballet Katerina Brovkina, has quite the title as our first “Riverdance baby”.

Last Minute preparations with Katie Murphy

Our special guest dancer for this year’s Gaiety run Katie Murphy has only two days before her moment in the spotlight. Cue training montage!

#TalentTuesday with Will Byrant

Its #TalentTuesday and Will Bryant has honoured us with a tune that might sound familiar. Turns out his fingers are just as nimble as his feet.

This week on tour with Darren Casey

From dodgy pronunciations to impromptu sessions & even a new lead dancer! Catch up with life on tour with Daren Casey latest Vlog

Life in the Gaiety

The Gaiety is a special place for us here at Riverdance, not just because we stop living out of our suitcases but the lots of familar faces in the audience every night!

Backstage at the Gaiety – Summer 2016

Catch up with this behind the scenes look at our first week back in Dublin for our Summer run in the Gaiety!

Being An Audience Member From Our Perspective

Being in a show has made us appreciate our industry a lot. We love to support the arts and are just as amazed at the magic of theatre as you are

Dance Captain Take Over

Being a Riverdance Dance Captain is a tough job – Stephan Brennan had the daunting task of taking over for a couple of weeks in the Shannon Co. – He chats to Meghan Lucey about how he got on!

The Shannon Riverdance Band

Meet the Shannon Co. band – an extraordinary group of musicians who bring our music alive night after night!

Backstage with the Band

For the first time in the history of Riverdance the Barrow Company currently touring Germany have an all female 4 piece band. Dancer & Blogger Peter Wilson finds out more