A Day in the Life of Rocio Montoya, Riverdance Flamenco

A Day in the Life of Rocio

Do you ever wonder what it is like to be on tour for a day? Well this week I asked Rocio Montoya, our fabulous flamenco dancer, to describe her perfect tour day.. lets see what she gets up to!

After getting up and going for a nice breakfast Rocio loves to walk around whichever city we are in and discover new things. Exploring new places is fun and a big perk of traveling so much so Rocio really tries to take time out of her day to get to know the surrounding area.



After exploring a little Rocio will then go to the gym followed by a light dinner before the show. By now it’s time to go to the theatre and start getting ready. Rocio always does a really thorough warm up. Since flamenco dancing is a different style to Irish dancing I was really interested to hear how she warms up for a show compared to myself. Rocio mainly focuses on her feet and her upper body. Her cardio would consist more of tapping out different rhythms and flamenco beats rather than jumping around like we Irish dancers would be more inclined to do. She also does a lot of ballet, abs and various stretches get her upper body ready to go focusing mainly on her back, shoulders, arms and neck.




After Rocio is properly warm she will put on any finishing touches to her hair and make up. I asked if she has any set hairstyle but Rocio said no and that she likes to mix it up to keep it fresh. She will however add flamenco and Spanish traditions to her look, sometimes adding waves in her hair and sometimes she wears a “caracol” which is a delicate curl of hair on her forehead. (Seen below in the picture.) No matter how Rocio does her hair and make up she always looks flawless on stage!




Once the show is finished Rocio will stretch and sometimes use the ice buckets if her feet are feeling sore. It is a rare treat if the hotel has a sauna that is still open when we are finished work but if it does Rocio definitely takes full advantage of it to help relax. After eating another nice meal it’s time for bed and to start the process all over again! So there you have it, a day in the touring life of Rocio, doesn’t it sound like fun?


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