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Bugs and Beatles..


Liverpool is a bustling city, with a ton of shopping, nightlife and some of the most amazing architecture outside of London. It’s also, most famously, the home of the Beatles.


We started our sightseeing in the Cavern Quarter, minutes from the hotel, and home of the Cavern Club. The current club is actually a replica built just a few meters beside the original. 6 flights of stairs below ground is a tiny club, with tiny stage that produced the Beatles, one of the biggest bands in history.


I spent Wednesday with Ciara, Ceili, Gianna and Julia at The Beatles Story museum. After seeing the Cavern Club, I was curious to learn about the entire history of the band, which is actually pretty short; the Beatles were only together for 8 years. In that time they produced 20 number 1 hits on the Hot 100, and as of 2014 have sold over 600 million albums.



The Beatles weren’t the only bug in Liverpool this week. Unfortunately we had a stomach virus hit a few members of the cast, which left them bed ridden for the majority of our Liverpool stop. A huge thanks goes out to Maeve Fearon and Sean Reagan, former troupe members, who were able to clear their schedule to help us out.

We had a busy week of celebrations with two parties. The first was dancer Katie Hands’ birthday. The cast all gathered for Teppanyaki, a perfect way to not only feed, but also entertain a group of 20+ people. The chef was throwing food around (and at us) and cracking jokes. We all left stuffed, and highly entertained.

The company also threw us an epic Halloween party Thursday night. Our theme was TV and movies, and the entire cast went all out on their costumes, which made for a very fun night. First prize went to Brian a.k.a Mr. T; second prize went to Andy, Jason and Stephen as the Dream Girls; and third prize went to Rocio and Kelly who went as Popeye and Olive (can you believe they made their costumes from scratch?) I went as the game show Blind Date; it makes sense if you think about it!





I’m writing this on our bus journey to Edinburgh, our next Liffey Co. stop, and by the looks of the scenery we’re passing it’s going to be a beautiful week ahead.


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Until next week…


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