OMG! Jedwards Dream Factory with Riverdance. - Riverdance

OMG! Jedwards Dream Factory with Riverdance.

The Riverdance cast at Dublin’s Gaiety Theatre, join Jedward’s Dream Factory to fulfill one little girl’s dream to meet and dance with Riverdance. Broadcast on RTE 2 on 3rd January 2013.

First there is a visit for 9 year old Irish Dancer, Sofi-Mei Lally to Riverdance wardrobe department to be dressed in her very own specially made Riverdance costume.
Then lead dancers Maria Buffini and Jason O’Neill bring Sofi-Mei to the Gaiety Theatre Dublin to dance as part of the line up on stage with the RiverdanceTroupe.

Sofi-Mei Lally with Riverdance on OMG! Jedward’s Dream Factory

Full Show on RTE2

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Riverdance performs at Dublin Chinese New Year Festival