'Riverdance keeps me on my toes' - Interview with lead dancer Riverdance

‘Riverdance keeps me on my toes’

A typical performance day of Lead Irish Dancer Chloey Turner

Nancy Previs
25th July 2011

I jump out of bed and because I am very hungry, the first thing that I do is make myself some porridge with milk and a little sugar. I also have a glass of orange juice and two poached eggs on buttered wheat toast. I like to start the day with a good, healthy breakfast.

I take my time eating, and afterwards I change into my gym kit and then I’m out the door.

I start my training session by warming up on the cross-trainer. Today, I use free weights and the machines to work on my upper body. I drink a bottle of water during the workout.

I eat a banana on my way home from the gym. Back at the apartment I shower and change before making myself lunch. Today I have a chicken salad made with rocket, strawberries and a balsamic dressing. I drink more water.

I have a hazelnut latte.

It’s time to get a bit of carbs into me, and I walk to the restaurant around the corner from the Gaiety where I order a chicken and broccoli dish with Alfredo sauce. I don’t like plain food and will always go for something with a sauce.

I walk back to the theatre and immediately start doing my hair and make-up.

On stage we do a line-up, running through a bit of the show so the dance captain can make any necessary adjustments.

I relax, have some water and then get into my costume about five minutes before the show.

‘Riverdance’ begins. Because I’m one of the lead dancers I’m constantly on the go. Whenever I am offstage I’m busy changing costumes, but I do manage to drink plenty of water and snack on strawberries and grapes to keep the sugar levels up.

At the interval, I drink more water and have some more fruit.

After the show, I change out of my costume into my warm-up gear.

We then do a 10-minute stretch to cool down and I jump into an ice bucket for the legs.

A few of us go for a drink and have a bit of dinner. I’m always really thirsty after the show and order a glass of Coke. I don’t like eating anything heavy at this hour and choose salmon with brown rice.

I chill out while I watch some TV, go online and check emails. It’s 1am before I get to sleep. When I’m not dancing, I’d still be very active.

I do a lot of spin classes, weight training, as well as abs workouts.

I started Irish dancing when I was eight or nine, and then I became very good at long-distance running. My goal was to be either a part of ‘Riverdance’ or an Olympic runner.

Chloey Turner is one of the lead dancers in ‘Riverdance’ at the Gaiety Theatre until August 28 and INEC, Killarney, August 30-September 4.

Costume designer Joan Bergin


Dundalk Dancer Darren Casey