Meet the Stars of Riverdance - Riverdance

Meet the Stars of Riverdance

Interview by Time Out Singapore

Wearing a black V-neck blouse, light-wash jeans and black ballet flats, 23-year-old Chloey Turner is the picture of a young dancer at the height of her dancing career: petite, blonde, slender, full of energy but still slightly shy as if she still isn’t used to the attention.
In contrast, 31-year old Padraic Moyles, dressed in a dapper gray blazer, white shirt and jeans, is the first to extend a handshake, offer a smile and start the conversation.

I ask Moyles what he believed was so fascinating about Irish dancing. Moyles believes It’s a dance form that requires discipline, motivation and athleticism.
‘Imagine dancing rigid from the top of your head down to your back and all the movement comes from the waist down, creating a rhythm with your feet.’

Turner, thinks Irish dancing is uniquely simple. ‘There are so many forms of dance which use the upper body. Ours is mainly tough on the legs. There’s synchronicity and the rhythm created by it.
You don’t need to be Irish to do this. I’m British, and it didn’t naturally come to me. I think anybody can do this.’

It has been ten years since Riverdance was first performed in Singapore, and the show may not be back for a long time. But Moyles was quick to point out that the world hasn’t heard the last of them. ‘This is the farewell tour in many parts of Asia and North America, but it is not the end of Riverdance. We are going to start tours in other places we haven’t been to before such as China, South Africa and Latin America.’

Riverdance runs from Nov 30-12 Dec at Marina Bay Sands Theatre

Meet the Singapore Cast

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