Riverdance final week in UK – Nottingham - Riverdance

Riverdance final week in UK – Nottingham

Patricia Henry, Dancer, Corrib Company

Well we finally made it to the last week of tour, and its also the very last week of the Corrib Company so we tried to make it one to remember. It got off to a good start because we arrived in early into Nottingham so it gave us all plenty of time to get a short nap before we started getting ready for our big party. The company decided to throw us a lovely end of tour party where we were treated to a sit down meal and some drinks after. It was lovely to see everyone dressed up, the girls in their dresses and the boys in their shirts and ties.

The following day, Monday we had off also, so a group of us travelled to Sheffield (just an hour away) to see Westlife in concert. One of the perks of being from Sligo was that I was able to get 10 tickets from Shane as he’s also from Sligo. We all really enjoyed the show and I would recommend going to their concert if you like them as they put on a great performance.

Moscow Folk Ballet Company
Patricia, Donna and Laura



So needless to say after those two busy days we were all very tired and spent the next few days relaxing. Although everyone was busy getting organised for going home. A lot of people were posting boxes of clothes home as they would have been over weight on the flight. We had some lovely sunny days in Nottingham also which made us feel very summery heading home.

Nottingham Square



On Sunday, the last day, we celebrated Maria Buffini’s birthday with her. We had lovely chocolate cake and sang her happy birthday. She got some lovely presents and she was delighted when we found out that we had to get the ferry home as the Ash cloud was causing delays, because this meant that we didn’t have to worry about excess baggage so, although the journey home would take a lot longer.


We were up early on Monday and all the Irish troupe headed off for the ferry at 8.30am. We departed Hollyhead at 2.05 pm and some of us didn’t get home until 10pm that night so it was a long day, but never the less we were delighted to be home. So for some of us that’s the end of Riverdance for more of us its just means a few weeks off until the Moy starts touring Ireland in June. So it gives us all to time to catch up with family and friends back home and maybe get a holiday in as well. I hope you have enjoyed reading my diary of tour life and hopefully you will hear from me again soon.


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