Interview with Riverdance Tapper Jason E. Bernard - Riverdance

Interview with Riverdance Tapper Jason E. Bernard


Name: Jason E. Bernard
Nationality: American – The Bronx

At what age did you start dancing?
Age 6

When and what made you decide you wanted to be in Riverdance?
I asked my Father to bring me to see Riverdance when it first premiered at Radio City Music Hall in 1996. We saw the show and I fell in love with show. My two favorite numbers were of course “Trading Taps” and “Thunderstorm”! I used to watch the original VHS with Michael Flatley and I used to practice “Thunderstorm” every single day in my parent´s Living room. 4 years later I joined the Lagan Company!

Where did you audition for Riverdance & what was that like?
I auditioned at the Gershwin Theatre on Broadway with Dance Director at The Time Richard O´Neal. It was a very surreal experience. Firstly, auditioning in a Broadway Theatre and the fact that I was auditioning for one of the biggest shows in The World!

How did you feel when you heard you had got into the show?

What is your favourite part of the show?
Trading Taps, Andaluica, Reel Around The Sun, Riverdance, and Heartland

Best Riverdance moment?
To Dance in Riverdance At Radio City Music Hall in 2010

What is your most embarrassing Riverdance moment?
I´ve fallen once or twice on stage, but the beauty of the Theatre is that the audience and fellow dancers are on your side. Therefore, encouraging you to move forward and to keep on dancing!

What do you do in your free time while on tour?
Currently I´m taking Spanish lessons in Dublin, Ireland

What´s the question you´re asked the most when people find out you perform with Riverdance?
Lol “Are You An Irish Dancer In The Show?” and “I didnt know that there were Black People In Riverdance?”

Most memorable country/city you have toured to and why?
The Country of Japan! My parents always travel to each country that I travel to and we had the opportunity to share and experience the country together as a family. We experienced a totally different culture than our country the U.S. The Japanese culture is extremely appreciative of the arts. The country of Japan is full of rich culture. The language, the food, the Temples, their customs! A Fantastic Country!

What advice can you give someone who wants to be the best performer they can be?
1. To respect the stage that you dance on. The stage is your canvas and for me it is a very sacred territory. It´s a place to enjoy , and to have fun, but not a place to play “games” . 2. To always work very hard and continue to always create something new every single day, and most importantly 3. To treasure and keep your family so very close!

Favourite music / film / website at the moment?
Broadway ShowTunes, Anything Woody Allen And Pedro Almodovar,,, and of course

What book are you reading at the moment?
“To Be or Not To Bop” Memoirs – Dizzy Gillespie

What are you listening to on your iPod at the moment?
Miss Saigon [Original London Cast]

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