Riverdance visits Magdeburg and Kiel - Riverdance

Riverdance visits Magdeburg and Kiel

Patricia Henry, Dancer, Corrib Company

Hi everyone!

We arrived into Magdeburg on Saturday evening and we were all very excited to have both Saturday night and Sunday night off to relax and do what we want. A few people decided to get something to eat and head out on the Saturday night. There was a really nice Italian Restaurant just walking distance from the hotel where most of the company ended up eating in at some point over the few days as it was so cheap and yummy. Others decided to take it easy as they were getting up early to head off on the train to watch a game of football.

For the rest of us Sunday was spent just chilling out and wandering around the shopping centre which was just down the road from the hotel. Sunday night was a big night out for our musician Eamonn De Galdubh, Eamonn is flying home soon to get married so there was a miniature stag organised for him here in Magdeburg. The only thing different about it was that it wasn’t strictly only men, there were a few girls allowed. The night started off with dinner and then heading for cocktails in a lovely bar called Coco’s, we hope Eamonn enjoyed himself.

For most of us it was time to do our laundry, so the local laundrette called Annies was kept busy for the few days with everyone trying to get it done and out of the way.

With it being a split week, we were heading off again on Thursday to Kiel. We were there two years ago but the weather was very different this time around. We are getting use to the snow at this stage but this week was a little difficult as we had to walk to work in the snow. A few people fell but nobody hurt themselves luckily. We arrived to Kiel early on the Thursday so we were able to get a nice dinner and head out for a little while.

We were only in Kiel for the weekend with one show on Friday and then two on Saturday and two on Sunday so we didn’t have a whole lot of time to do any exploring. Starbucks was a big hit with us over the weekend as they had free WIFI so you were sure to find half of the company there at any point during the day.

Four show weekends can be quite tiring and sometimes boring for us as we are in the venue from early morning until late night. Even Gosha, Alexi and Louba’s (Russian Dancers) son was getting bored so he decided to chill out in the girl’s dressing room and watch a movie. We were a little jealous of him as we had to go and perform the fourth show of the weekend.

Monday we travel to Bielefeld where I believe we will be celebrating a few birthdays, so it should be an exciting week. Hopefully there will be some fun to report on.


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