Riverdance in Phoenix, Arizona - Riverdance

Riverdance in Phoenix, Arizona

Laura Yanez, Soloist, Boyne Company

Hello again! This week we headed to Phoenix, Arizona to the expansive and impressive Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa. This hotel holds a place in American history, housing such celebrities as Fred Astaire, Marilyn Monroe and Steven Spielberg as well as every U.S. President since the hotel was built (up to George W. Bush that is!). It was quite a trek to get to the block of the resort where we were staying. On the way we passed shops, ballrooms, restaurants and eight pools…all part of the resort! After two busy weeks in Los Angeles, this spot was the perfect place to relax and unwind for a week.

Just part of the beautiful Biltmore Hotel

The week was sunny and warm, so we spent all our time at the pool. One pool had a huge waterslide, and it was so much fun seeing our cast running around like kids playing in the water. It put everyone in a great mood for our shows in the evening.

Dancers Dan Triggle, Chloey Turner, Meghan Lucey and Andy O’Reilly catching some sun

Downtown Phoenix has a distinct western feel, and the Orpheum Theatre was no exception. This week, some of us were entertained by piper Declan Masterson and lead dancer Melissa Convery’s baby Rian, who is starting to walk! Having a baby on tour is really interesting…seeing the little guy reaching all these milestones is a reminder of how long we’ve been on tour. On February 1st, we reach our halfway point!

Russian dancers Anna Brovkina, Evgeniya Starodubova and Natia Rtveliashvili playing with little Rian during a show

We have a full day off on Monday, and people have all sorts of exciting plans to make the most of it. Myself and others will be relaxing all day at the pool. I can’t wait! Talk to you next week.


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