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Riverdance sells out in Copenhagen!

Patricia Henry, Dancer, Corrib Company

Monday we flew to Copenhagen, but we weren’t sure looking out at the plane weather or not we would be able to take off as it had started to snow heavily again. Thankfully they are used to this weather here in Scandanavia and it doesn’t create any problems for them… unlike at home.

After arriving into Copenhagen we all made our own way into the city to have a wander around and get something to eat – there were plenty of options to choose from with even three Irish Bars on the main street. Unsurprisingly a few of us ended up staying in The Dubliner for a few hours as the staff were very kind to us.

There is plenty to do in Copenhagen if the weather was suitable, the Big Wheel (where you can get breathtaking views of the city) was located right next to the hotel and come night time was very pretty to look at from our bedroom windows as it was all lit up.

We preformed at The Forum Theatre to full houses every night, with shows on Tuesday, Wednesday and two shows Thursday and Friday. The capacity of the theatre is close to 5000 so we were delighted that we sold out for the few days.

After four shows in two days we were all shattered so we are delighted to have two nights off, but first we travel to Madgeburg in Germany, which involves a very long travel day. We have to get a bus, then a Ferry, then back on the bus, so the two nights off will be welcomed by all of us.

That’s us finished in Scandinavia for the time being; now we will be in Germany for a few weeks. So check back next week to see how our days off went and what its like to be back in Germany.

Until next week, bye!!!


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