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Riverdance – Two More Stops in Texas!

Kevin Horton, Dancer, Boyne Company

We started last week with a rather difficult travel day. When traveling between two smaller cities, we usually have a hassle since there is limited airport access in the smaller towns. We left Topeka, Kansas for the Kansas City airport, had two flights to Houston, then finally made it to College Station, Texas after a three hour drive. Travel day is not always the easiest day of the week, but at least we made it safe to our next city! College Station is home to Texas A & M University, and with over 40,000 students we were excited to see what the campus town had to offer. A lot of us took the week to relax and spend time in the hotel, while some checked out the local college scene. It must have been exam time, because there were plenty of “empty” pubs and restaurants in the town! But we are always able to find our own fun somewhere, and everybody seemed to find their niche around town!

Dancers Brian and Liam relax at the theater during intermission

Our time in College Station went by very quickly and before we knew it, we were on the short trip to Orange, Texas. We traveled for four hours on Friday and then had a show that night. The problem with Orange is that there were not any hotels available in the area, so we stayed in Beaumont, which happened to be a 45 minute drive from the theater. The upside to our drive each day goes to the ushers that worked in the theater. Before each show and between our shows on Saturday, they put on catering for us, with their own recipes of Gumbo, cranberry chicken, and other fixings! The food was amazing and it made the drive in to work each day well worth it. So a big thank you to the Ushers at the Lutcher Theater!

Cast members with the Ushers at catering in the Lutcher Theater

There was not much to do around the hotel so our company manager, Jesse White, hosted a Lamb punch gathering after the matinee (there was no evening performance). Scott Lamb is the Boyne’s former Physio and Lamb punch is his cocktail concoction that is very popular amongst all Riverdance companies. Sorry, but I can’t divulge the ingredients! Most of the cast and crew were in attendance and it was a great night. It was a perfect way to end our last of three split weeks in a row! Off to Denver for the week….


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