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Riverdance opens in LA

TV Reporter Gayle Anderson of KTLA went to check out Riverdance rehearsals this week at the Pantages Theatre LA and got to see some feisty trade offs between Irish Dancers Padraic Moyles, Joe Moriarty and Ryan McCaffrey and American Tappers Corey Hutchins and Kelly Issac.

Gayle Anderson interviews Julian Erskine from Riverdance

Gayle joins in the fun

Ryan McCaffrey, Kelly Issac (tapper), Gayle Anderson, Padraic Moyles, Corey Hutchins (tapper) and Joe Moriarty

The Irish Dancers – Ryan McCaffrey, Joe Moriarty and Padraic Moyles

The LA skyline

The Boyne Company played  the Pantages Theatre, Hollywood.    Tickets from www.ticketmaster.com.

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