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Riverdance Romance onstage in Paris!

There have been Riverdance couples, engagements and marriages over the 10 years of the show and even audience members have proposed to their loved ones in the aisle, however October 19th 2005 saw a new development in Riverdance romance.

Joanne and Ryan McCaffrey with the troupe

19th October was opening night in Paris and it went wonderfully for the Avoca company, led by Joanne Doyle and Ryan McCaffrey. After the finale the troupe were preparing to leave the stage to celebrate when something a little unusual happened!

Joanne looks shocked as Pierre proposes

Lead dancer Joanne Doyle saw her boyfriend Pierre Sansonetti walking out from the wings, microphone in hand. Pierre knelt and asked Joanne for her hand in marriage, onstage, in front of thousands of audience members and the full Avoca company!

Blushing Joanne delightedly accepted the marriage proposal, which in turn delighted the audience, who roared their approval.

Principal female dancer since 1996, Joanne has a long history with Riverdance. Currently living in France, it seemed just right for her marriage proposal to take place on such a special night in the most romantic city on the planet!

Lovely Joanne manages to keep her composure while her boyfriend Pierre proposes to her before an audience of over seven thousand!

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