Sendai musician meets Riverdancers in Dublin - Riverdance

Sendai musician meets Riverdancers in Dublin

This October Saturo Sakamoto, a well known musician from Sendai in Japan, visited Ireland to make a TV programme about Riverdance’s impending visit to Sendai.

Saturo met lead dancers Zara Curtis, David Moore and Japanese troupe member Taka Hayashi at the Factory studios in Dublin. After the interviews the dancers taught Saturo some steps from the show and Zara demonstrated her natural teaching abilities putting Saturo through his paces! Saturo then sang a song of his own composition accompanied on guitar, explaining that the song was inspired by Irish music. There followed a little jam session as the dancers took to the floor accompanied by Saturo’s guitar playing.

Everyone was pleased with the afternoon’s session which Sendai fans will be able to see shortly on TV.

David Moore, Zara Curtis, Saturo Sakamoto and Taka Hayashi in the studio

Japanese Riverdancer Taka Hayashi with musician / interviewer Saturo Sakamoto outside the Factory Studios in Dublin

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