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Riverdance in Columbus, OH

Craig Ashurst, Lead Dancer, Shannon Company

Columbus is the capital city of Ohio, the home of one of the world’s biggest college campuses (Ohio State University) and the home city of one of the Riverdance greats; Joe Moriarty! Joe has performed with the show for quite some time, performing the lead role for many years. It’s most certainly a treat when you can attract such a large audience following to any show and an even bigger one when you can dance for your family and friends. The stage door of the prestigious Palace Theatre in Columbus was flooded with dancers, family members, fans and on lookers. Such a warm and welcoming crowd appeared to our performances in Columbus, many with the intention of seeing their favourite show and many with the added excitement of watching a native of this hip and happening city perform the lead role.

Joe toured dancers some of us around Columbus, driving us to some of the finer points that this city had to offer. He brought us to the Horse Shoe Stadium. This is home to the Ohio State Football team. Commonly referred to as the Buckeye’s. It has a capacity of 105,00 seats.

Buckeye's Stadium

After our trip to the large campus area, we walked through the “Short North” district. This was filled with alternating styles of bars, galleries, restaurants and shopping and was only a twenty-minute walk from our hotel. It was also fantastic to witness dance studios around this city with a flair for differing styles.

Example of the artsy areas that Columbus has to offer

To add to Joe’s hospitality, he invited the cast and crew of Riverdance to a dance studio after one of our shows. They put food on for us and displayed their own genres of dance, all in this new age studio. Some of the cast tried out our new ballroom skills and passed the test of competency with flying colours.

We now move to West Virginia, I have not yet been to this State so I’m ready to explore.


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seolta millais
February 22, 2011

Hi Craig, glad to hear Riverdance is doing so well! I remember Joe Moriarty gadding about on the stage of the Gaeity Theatre, Dublin and Mellisa Convery mouthing “shut up” at him several times during the performance. He was making the cast laugh too much. Look forward to seeing you all again this summer in Dublin.!! SEOLTA

Sherry McNulty
February 27, 2011

Can’t wait to see you in Colorado. Of course we are excited to see home-boy Billy! My little 8 year old dances with McTeggart and she is busting at the seams as she can’t believe she is really going to see Riverdance next month! Can’t wait and we will keep reading your posts.

Michael Bragg
March 2, 2011

I saw the show in Charleston,WV and loved it. It ws my second time seeing the show ever and both times were at the Clay Center. I hope that you enjoyed performing in West Virginia and that you enjoyed the Clay Center. Have a great tour and continue to be spectacular!

April 25, 2012

Pretty bummed that Riverdance show at the Keith Albee Performing Arts Center, Huntington, WV has been canceled. Been wanting to see this show for years and finally ws able to buy tickets. Now it’s been cancelled. Anyone know why and if it will be rescheduled? 🙁

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