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“The show is quite simply incredible”
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220 Anne Frank and the TCRGs
@Riverdance | 22 April Read @iLoveLucey07 latest life on tour blog, everything from Amsterdam to the TCRG exmas!
@Riverdance | 20 April Last show in Amsterdam today! We will miss you @PeterWilson_ ! ML @Riverdance
220 A Week of Goodbyes
@Riverdance | 17 April Catch up on Riverdancer Dancer @iLoveLucey07 on Tour Blog here:
DVDboxV4 (2) Riverdance – 20 Jahre
@Riverdance | 15 April Halfway through the first of our shows here in Holland.. The crowds are loving it! ML @Riverdance
220 Dancer Blog: Life on tour with Michael Wood
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Trading Taps
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RIVERDANCE 20th Anniversary Tour
Riverdance Longest Line World Record 21st July 2013
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