“ As for the flaws? Well, there simply aren’t any. Here’s to another 20 years! ”

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Discover all you need to know about the Riverdance Trinity College International Summer School 2016.

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Go behind the scenes and experience life on the Riverdance Tour from a dancer’s perspective, from holiday hangouts to bus bonding with cast, and more!

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Riverdance20 Makeup Speed Challenge!
@Riverdance | 08 February What a great time we've had here in Albuquerque. Thank you all so much for coming! Travel day tomorrow for us to Park City. - JL
@Riverdance | 08 February Some of our cast & crew watching the SuperBowl here in Albuquerque in-between shows! Who do you want to win? - JL https://t.co/DgwosfMalO
@Riverdance | 07 February Two shows again today for us here in Albuquerque to finish our stay here. We've loved our time here. Have you seen us yet? - JL
@Riverdance | 07 February Tonights leads @JamesGreenan1 & @CiaraSexton just before our show tonight! Enjoy everyone, were ready to go! - JL https://t.co/Mze6CYaWWc
Riverdance Band - Sound Check
CaTjPWPUsAAHoCb Riverdancers – Dance Off!
Riverdancers - Dance Off!
Bobby-Chloey Looking after your Hips (3/3)..The Build a Bum with Bob Workout!
Looking after your Hips (3/3)..The Build a Bum with Bob Workout!
Summer_school_2016_Emma_Warren_220 What the instructors say about the summer school.
220 Embarrassing Moments
Riverdance Countess Cathleen
Riverdance Heartland
Riverdance Heartland
Riverdance Heartland
Riverdance Trading Taps
Riverdance Shivna