“ As for the flaws? Well, there simply aren’t any. Here’s to another 20 years! ”

Get your hands on the latest Riverdance memorablia including our new Jewellery Collection.


Video clips from Eurovision 1994 to current live performances plus behind the scenes footage.


Discover all you need to know about the first ever Riverdance Trinity College International Summer School.


The 20th Anniversary World Tour is coming to a city near you. Check tour dates.

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@Riverdance | 29 March Front of house ready to go for our last show of the tour in Germany! #Fulda #Germany #tour Sarah http://t.co/2yN3Sqt7TB
@Riverdance | 29 March Another thank you goes to our German caterers Irene & Sven.They have kept cast and crews bellies full everyday!Sarah http://t.co/YHco5AwSQY
@Riverdance | 29 March Our Germany part of tour comes to an end tonight. Thank you to the German audience who have been outstanding as usual!Next stop,Japan!Sarah
@Riverdance | 28 March Very excited bunch of people heading over to #Shanghai for a @Riverdance flying squad gig. Best of luck and enjoy everyone! Sarah
220 WATCH: A Day On Tour – Behind the Scenes with Riverdance
220 A typical travel show day!
220 St. Patrick’s Day on Tour..
220 Dance Drills – Behind the Scenes with Riverdance
The 20th Anniversary World Tour.
What we love about Christmas Riverdance Liffey Company Dec 2014
Apply for the Riverdance Summer School July 2015
The Riverdance 20th Anniversary National Tour of China:
Gaiety Theatre 2014
Gaiety Theatre 2014
Gaiety Theatre 2014
Behind the scenes of Riverdance’s appearance on Late Late Show Friday 2nd May 2014.
Trading Taps
Trading Taps
Trading Taps