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Riverdance on Ice Special airs on NBC



NBC Airdate: Saturday, February 19, 2011   4:00 – 6:00pm EST

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Now nearly 17 years since Riverdance debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest, and the world’s fascination with the dance spectacular continues unabated. Now, it has just been announced that an ‘On Ice’ version of the hit show is coming to US television.

The entire Riverdance company will perform simultaneously with a cast of Olympic, National and World champion figure skaters for an NBC Sports TV Special. The special will air on NBC on Saturday, February 19 from 4-6pm EST, before being rebroadcast on the Hallmark Channel on March 15 and 21.

The performance was filmed last Autumn at the Tsongas Center at UMass in Lowell, MA. The internationally-acclaimed company of dancers, singers and musicians performed on a specially-designed stage along with the choreographed, champion skaters on the ice, all to the sound of Bill Whelan’s Grammy Award-winning music.


Meet the Riverdance on Ice Cast


February 20, 2011

Hope this becomes a DVD!!! Loved it!!!!

February 20, 2011

Looked forward to the TV airing for 5 months only to have 50MPH wind storm in our area making viewing impossible because of break-up. Re-airs are only on Hallmark cable channel so those without cable and/or unable to go to a show must do without. Figure skating will continue to lose popularity and followers if this is the best they can do on broadcast TV. They don’t even allow icenetwork.com access to the video. So very disappointed.

February 21, 2011

FANTASTIC! BREATHTAKING! Even though I’ve seen Riverdance, this was as exciting as the initial viewing. I, too, would love a DVD. Would love to see more programs of this caliber.

February 22, 2011

This was a fantastic show. I saw the original Riverdance in person this was as good. The musicians, dancers, singers and skaters were absolutely phenomenal. Great Job Everyone! I too hope it comes to DVD, I’d definitely buy it.

evelyn harris
February 24, 2011

would like to know if i can get the video/dvd of this show shown on 2/19. also when can we see another show on hallmark network? thanks

Wendy C
February 27, 2011

I too am exasperated with the lack of re-airs. I really wish I hadn’t missed it. Even when I had cable, I didn’t have the Hallmark channel.
Figure skating isn’t as popular as it was in its heyday in the 90s, but part of the problem is the failure to broadcast and to promote ahead of time. The entire 2010 Olympics just didn’t get the hype it should have. Networks and skating promoters need to do way more promotion and rerun some items (even if its very late at night) and to air many more shows. This season there have been several skating broadcasts which I have totally missed due to lack of promotion.

Philmore Lee
March 8, 2011

When will Riverdance On Ice be available on DVD

Cynthia Wilson
March 17, 2011

Love “Riverdance”. However, I either like to watch dancing or skating. I love both but, started watching Riverdance on Ice on Hallmark and after about fifteen minutes turned it off. The dancers are great and so are the skaters, but the camera work keeps going back and forth and I miss what I want to see of either one. Like watching a fast commericial.

Pat Rankin
March 21, 2011

What a beautiful show! I love Riverdance and pairing it with ice skaters was incredible to watch. I want to be able to tell my daughters and granddaughter (who all over Irish dancing and ice dancing as much as I do) when they too can see this spectacular show.
I looked all through the remainder of the March TV guide and do not see it listed again. PLEASE re-air it, Hallmark. And if you put it on DVD, please advertise it on your cable channel. Love all of your work.

Chuck Singleton
March 21, 2011

I’ve got all the Riverdance shows on DVD’s and would like to add this one. Please let us know when this will be available.

Herb Stark
September 30, 2011

When is ‘Riverdance On Ice’ scheduled to be shown again and is it available for purchase on DVD? Please reply via E-mail. Thank you.

Herb Stark

Padma Amin
March 14, 2012

Would love to buy the Riverdance On Ice DVD. Is it available for purchase. Please reply via E-mail. Please, please air it again.

March 15, 2012

There are no plans to release ‘Riverdance on Ice ‘ DVD. The show was produced by NBC.
Additional video footage of the show can be viewed on riverdance.com/riverdance-on-ice/

Herb Stark
October 19, 2015

Why hasn’t this awesome show been released on DVD?

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