Episode nine: Jason O'Neill - Riverdance

Episode nine: Jason O’Neill

When Jason O’Neill put his college education first, he was worried that he had missed his chance with Riverdance and he admits that he suffered depression and anxiety as a result, ‘thinking I was missing out on these incredible tours’.

But the day he got his graduation certificate he also got offered the lead on the show.

‘It was a surreal day and I’ve never looked back,’ he tells Darren Casey on this week’s episode of Riverdance: the podcast. ‘I ran from my graduation to grab the bus to Dublin to rejoin the show.’

Jason also opens up about what dancing means to him and how he coped with family crises whilst on the road.

“Dancing has always been an escape for me, an escape from family, schoolwork, myself,” he says. “As the only boy with six sisters, I wasn’t a talker and being on the road was my time to cry, to share and be open with myself.”

And with Riverdance back in the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin, Darren also goes backstage to take you through the rehearsals and preparations for its 13 week summer run.

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