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Episode ten: Chloey Turner

How Chloey overcame fear and nerves to pursue her Riverdance dream, plus the next generation of Riverdancers

August 15, 2018

Episode nine: Jason O’Neill

‘Being on the road was my time to cry, to share and be open with myself’ lead dancer Jason O’Neill on his Riverdance journey

August 9, 2018

Episode six: Julian Erskine

“It’s time for a major re-invention” Executive Producer Julian Erskine on a new Riverdance

July 19, 2018

Episode five: Lauren Smyth

Lead dancer, Lauren Smyth, tells how she was initially rejected for Riverdance but wouldn’t take no for an answer and wouldn’t give up her dream of dancing on the show.

July 12, 2018

Episode three: Amy Mae Dolan

Riverdance’s newest star, Amy-Mae Dolan, on her rise to fame. Hers is a story that every young Irish dancer can aspire to.

June 28, 2018

Episode One : John McColgan

Join the show as they tour China and hear an exclusive interview with John McColgan on the future of Riverdance

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