Is the Riverdance Summer School for you?

From rehearsals in China, Padraic Moyles takes time out to chat about the Riverdance Summer School activities and goals

Summer in Dublin – Meet the Leads

Darren Casey introduces you to Amy Mae Dolan, Ellen Bonner, Louise O’Sullivan and Patrick OMahoney, the latest in the Riverdance lead team alumni.

Riverdanceathon 2017 – 12 hours of continuous dance

On Thursday 29 June over 500 dancers will take part in a 12 hour Riverdanceathon in front of the Gaiety Theatre. This marathon dance session aims to raise awareness and much-needed funds for CFI’s work on behalf of Ireland’s community of 1,200 people with Cystic Fibrosis

Last Minute prep..

Our special guest dancer for this year’s Gaiety run Katie Murphy has only two days before her moment in the spotlight. Cue training montage!

Nearly there now – Shannon Co. Vlog

From down in the Peach State, all the way up to the Great White North, the last stretch of our latest North American adventure is nearly upon us. But this has not stopped the troupe and crew from cramming in a ton of fun. Let Darren and Peter fill you in……

Shannon Co. Vlog!

It’s your April news capsule with Peter and Darren…..

#TalentTuesday with Maggie Darlington

Yoga – the ancient Indian discipline of quietly contorting your limbs whilst breathing gently..It’s essentially VERY SLOW dancing. Join Maggie for a mini session!

Meanwhile, somewhere in Arkansas…..

It’s another Talent Tuesday, and yet another dancer with gifts to spare.

#TalentTuesday with Will Byrant

Its #TalentTuesday and Will Bryant has honoured us with a tune that might sound familiar. Turns out his fingers are just as nimble as his feet.

Spring has Sprung and the Shannon Company Have Been Very Busy….

Peter Wilson and Darren Casey have somehow managed to squeeze all of March and April’s tour news into 68 seconds.