Relaxed Sensory Friendly Show - Riverdance

Relaxed Sensory Friendly Show

This year the Riverdance Sensory Friendly Show is on Sunday 23rd June at 1pm in the Gaiety Theatre and is one of the highlights of the summer run in Dublin. The profits from the show go towards the work of Childhood Cancer Ireland, Riverdance’s charity partner for summer 2024. This relaxed, sensory friendly performance is also open to the general audience.

Presented in an accessible way, everyone can experience all the magic of Riverdance in a safe, relaxed and non-judgmental environment. It is ideal for families with young children aged 3 and older and an exciting way for children to enjoy maybe their first of many visits to the theatre.

The Sensory Friendly Show also brings opens Riverdance to new audiences such as those with a sensory predisposition, people who may have accessibility requirements, those with autism or those with a learning disability. Dedicated quiet spaces will be available in the theatre, there will be trained staff on hand and lighting and sound will be modified to accommodate sensory differences.

All who feel this performance might suit their specific needs are warmly encouraged to attend.

There are tickets available on and on and for groups of 10 or more contact on Group Bookings

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Childhood Cancer Ireland charity partnership