Whoops! Embarrassing Moments Part 2 - Riverdance

Whoops! Embarrassing Moments Part 2

Mistakes happen. No matter how many hours of rehearsing we do there is still room for error. This week is another installment of our Embarrassing Moments blog back by popular demand!

Troupe dancer Greg Molony made a silly mistake in ‘Distant Thunder’ one day. During the part of the dance where the boys all step out to the right and turn their heads Greg forgot and stayed facing forward! There is a long pause in this position and Greg had to slowly correct his mistake by turning his head and sliding his foot out to the right while no one else was moving. Needless to say it is a mistake he probably won’t make again!

Blog on stage Greg

Troupe dancer Julia Gats was dancing ‘Heartland’ one day and didn’t realize but while she was onstage the front seam on her dress was slowing ripping open! She came off stage none the wiser until a fellow cast member pointed it out to her. The rip was so obvious that Julia couldn’t return onstage for finale a few seconds later. Whoops!

Riverdance Blog on stage Julia

Lead dancer Maggie Darlington came out 8 bars too late to meet her lead partner onstage in ‘Heartland’ one day. She didn’t realize she was late and left her partner onstage to dance alone without her until she joined back in!

Riverdance Blog on stage Maggie

Tapper Mike Everett has two stories to share. The first story takes place during ‘Trading Taps’ when Mikes fellow tapper was supposed to run and jump over his shoulders. He ended up slipping during the run leading up to the jump, resulting in him not getting enough height and landing on Mikes back. This ended up in Mike giving a piggyback ride on stage instead of completing an impressive trick!

Mikes second story happened during ‘Trading Taps’ as well. This time Mike was trying to do the moon walk in a circle but ended up rolling his ankle and falling down right on his butt. His ankle was ok but he couldn’t find a graceful way to get up so his pride was a little shaken. He brushed it off with style though!

Riverdance Blog on stage Mike

And last but not least Russian dancer Natia Mangan has a story from the number ‘Dervish’. There is a part of the number where the girls do tons of impressive really fast spins across the length of the stage. It was Natias turn and she was nailing it. She said she felt like they were going really well so when she finished she ended with a huge smile and a loud ‘Whoop!’ What she didn’t realize was that she had ended facing the back of the stage instead of the audience! She ended facing the band who found it very funny. I can only imagine how hard it is to keep track of the front of the stage while you are spinning at crazy speeds!

So there you have it.. sometimes mistakes happen but we all know how to laugh at them and learn from them so hopefully we don’t make the same ones twice!

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