Our Favorite Moments on Stage - Riverdance

Our Favorite Moments on Stage

There are individual moments throughout the show that stick out in peoples minds as being special. For many little girls and boys aspiring to be professional Irish dancers it’s when the female lead rushes out of the wing in Countess Cathleen or when the male lead bursts out in Reel Around the Sun. For budding musicians it’s the band solos in Slip Into Spring and Chú Chulainn that stand out. While of course we love doing the entire show, certain moments stand out to us as well. These are a few of the troupes favorites:

Ciara Sexton’s favorite moment is dancing down the steps in Countess Cathleen. She loves that moment because it feels so empowering as it is such a strong number for females.



Both Katie Hands and Brendan Doris love Reel Around the Sun and Riverdance but for different reasons. Katie loves the head turns in Reel Around the Sun because for her that was the moment she always dreamed about performing on stage. That is the moment that reminds her that she’s made it. And her favorite moment in Riverdance would be when the entire troupe marches on stage because the crowd always goes wild!



Reel Around the Sun stands out to Brendan because he can look out and see the audience being hypnotized even after all these years. It is an incredibly powerful number with such a great build up that the crowd cannot help but be mesmerized from the very beginning! Brendan also loves Riverdance because it reminds him how the show began and it’s very humbling to him to be a part of that iconic dance today.


Natia Mangan absolutely loves dancing Shivna. She says that she has lots of time to take it all in, the audience and the thrill of performing etc, because the number is so long and it’s slower than the fast paced Dervish. The style is also classical ballet which is her favorite to perform.



Will Bryant’s favorite moment is when he dances Firedance. He loves the steps and the rhythms and that it is such a strong manly number.



As for myself, I have two favorite moments. One is in the American Wake when the music kicks in with a bang and there’s a rush of energy both from the cast and the audience. I love how much we can interact with each other on stage in that number so it creates a really fun vibe. I also love when the music picks back up again with the troupe in Heartland after the a cappella bit. There is always a visible reaction from the audience and that gives me an extra burst of energy!



What is your favorite moment in the show? Tells us about it in the comments!

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