John's favorites: - Riverdance

John’s favorites:

Irish Troupe Dancer John Lonergan takes some time out to reflect on his favorite moment on the North American tour so far and his favorite Christmas gift!

North American Tour

My favourite moment on tour so far would be when me and a few of my cast mates rented bikes in San Francisco and cycled around the city. We cycled all along the water, up to the Golden Gate Bridge, across it, and down into the next town on the other side of the water for lunch, called Sausalito. We took the ferry back across the water to the city centre, cycled back to give back the bikes before we performed the show. It was one of those days where I felt very lucky and grateful to be in such an amazing city, yet be able to travel all over it too, to see sites that so many people only dream to see in their lifetime. On top of that performing the show every night was great as the atmosphere was so amazing, and everyone was so happy and on such a buzz while being in this brilliant city and seeing so many famous landmarks and sites.

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Christmas Gifts:

As a kid I remember at Christmas time, probably about 10 years ago I asked for an Electric Scooter for Christmas. I remember waking up Christmas morning, seeing my blue electric scooter waiting there for me. Little did I know, that that was all I used for months to come. Anytime I went to go see my friends, the electric scooter came with me. After a few weeks of me having it, 3/4 of my friends who I hung around with at the time all got them too, so I’m sure as to passers by on the street we looked like some sort of little click. It made life a lot easier for me – less walking and getting to places in less time which I loved.

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