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A Remarkable Journey

24 cities, 13 weeks, 70 shows down and the Riverdance Moy Company have completed what was an incredible tour of China.

We finished the tour in Hong Kong, which was voted favourite city by the majority of the cast. Hong Kong is renowned for its spectacular skyline and if there’s one thing you should do in this city, it’s to go to the Peak. The view up there, at the highest point on the Hong Kong island, is what makes it the most popular attraction.







Lan Kwai Fong is a small square of streets in Hong Kong. This well-known area is famous for its night scene and restaurants. The crowds that gathered here at night were unbelievable!!! Even though the place was so jammed, we frequently bumped into the same people over and over again. This is the one city where we got familiar with and socialised with the locals.



We celebrated Alexander’s 23rd birthday during the week. To mark the occasion the company attended the races at the Happy Valley Racecourse, which is one of the most famous racing venues in the world. Everyone got dolled up and placed a few bets. No big fortunes were made however a great night was had by all.




Throughout the tour Callum had been taking footage of the cast and crew backstage, on days off, nights out, etc. He skilfully put together a tour video, reminiscing on all of the amazing places we have been to and the unforgettable times we have had. We all gathered around and watched it before the last show. We also had a little awards ceremony within the company. We had a great laugh with Shaunessy and Peta announcing the nominees and the overall winners for each award. Everyone got involved and it was a lovely way to end the tour, acknowledging the amazing characters and different personalities within the troupe.

I think I speak on behalf of the whole Moy Company when I say that the tour of China was most definitely one that we will not forget. We had some fantastic experiences, visited many spectacular places in a fascinating yet totally bizarre country.



Here are some of the cast’s highlights of the tour..

Patrick O’ Mahony: “Staying in the monks monastery. It was such an amazing experience, waking up to the monks chanting at 6.30 in the morning and the peace and quiet up there.”

Meghan Lucey: “Finally seeing my Chinese relatives.”

Gianna Petracic: “Shanghai was my favourite city. I enjoyed the nightlife. I also loved the Hong Kong skyline.”

John Wiley: “It’s hard to pick a highlight of the tour; The Pandas in Chengdu, The Great Wall, The Terracotta Warriors and just having the craic with a new group of people.”

Dewitt Fleming: “Hong Kong; it’s amazing!! I love the landscape, the mountains, the atmosphere, nightlife, food, fresh air.. everything, just love it!!!”

Erin Trevena: “The races in Hong Kong was the highlight for me because we all had an excuse to dress up and also because it was one of the biggest racecourses in the world.”

Chloey Turner: “Shanghai; going up the Hyatt and having a lovely dinner looking out over the bund. I also loved everything about Hong Kong. ”

Miriam Lee: “Visiting the Great Wall of China was the highlight for me. It was even more special as my parents and boyfriend were out to visit so I got to experience it with them as well. “

Callum Spencer: “Hong Kong!! It’s my favourite city that I have ever been to on tour.”

Fred Nguyen: “Christmas and New Years; I enjoyed spending the holiday with the Riverdance Moy Company.”

Marita Martinez-Rey: “Visiting the Leshan and Lantau Buddha up the mountain and the company I had on this trip.”

Mitch Hodges: “I can’t pick a particular highlight.. there has been too many but the people definitely made it for me. I’ve made friends that will last a lifetime. Touring China with Riverdance is an experience I will never forget.. loved every minute of it!!”

I’ve really enjoyed sharing our Chinese adventures with you and I hope you’ve gained some insight into the wonderful times we have had over the past 13 weeks.

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