The November Sun.. - Riverdance

The November Sun..

Highlight of the week:

Blaine Donovan (Irish Dance Troupe): “Kincaid’s birthday was such good fun. I had the best time.. Actually every day I’ve been here I seem to say that”

Roisin Lyons (Irish Dance Troupe): “Finding a random beach in China to sunbathe on in the middle of November ”

Iaasc Sheppard (Monitors Engineer): “On the way to a Taiwanese restaurant we stumbled across a Mexican restaurant that was amazing.

Week 4 already!!!! Where is the time going?! The stories are never ending here in China with random stuff happening on a daily basis. Yesterday, for example, a man was just casually doing karate moves as he walked down the street.. There’s literally never a dull moment.

Nearly every city we have visited so far has had a temple. The Ancestral temple in Foshan is another one to add to the list.




We stumbled across a gorgeous, European type area with lovely little shops, restaurants, ice-cream parlours, coffee shops and low and behold another ‘Paddy Field’ Irish bar. One of the staff actually recognised male lead dancer, Callum, from our fancy dress party in their other bar in Guangzhou last week “You wore lovely dress. You very pretty”. Yes, Callum was wearing a dress!!

We saw some familiar faces this week as there was a Heartbeat of Home corporate gig in Guangzhou. Luckily this was close to where we were staying in Foshan so the gang could come see our show one of the nights. It was a short and sweet visit but just enough time for a quick catch up. They brought us a lovely surprise from the Liffey Co. in the UK – bag loads of our favourite sweets, chocolate, crisps, etc. which we mutually agreed to keep for Christmas Day. Well… That’s if we can last till then!!!


Most of the week was spent in Xiamen, which is ranked one of the best places to live in China. We took advantage of the really nice weather and spent our time-off before the shows visiting places such as Gulangyu Island and Xiamen University which are the top two tourists attractions in Xiamen.



We were very fortunate that our hotel was really close to the beach so we also got the chance to chill out there (The beach in late November.. Who would have thought!!)



After our flight on Monday a group of us enjoyed a gorgeous meal in a fine dining French restaurant to celebrate Kincaid’s birthday. We hung out afterwards chatting and playing games, making the most of the day off.




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