Shenanigans from Shenzhen - Riverdance

Shenanigans from Shenzhen

So what did the Moy Co. get up to this week?
Here are some of the highlights from various cast members:
Tom Brosnan (Irish Dance Troupe): “Performing Trading Taps for the first time was such a great buzz. Getting to interact and feed off the audience was amazing’

Natia Mangan (Russian Troupe Dance Captain): “Randomly ending up in a karaoke bar was a lot of fun. It seems to be a really popularthing to do in China”

Mark Alfred (Drums / Percussion / Bodhrán): “The highlight of my week has to be my new iPhone 6 and iWatch”
Personally, the markets in Shenzhen made it for me. We had some craic trying to get the best deals possible, learning from the more experienced members of the troupe who have been to the markets on previous tours. One piece of advise we were given from female lead dancer, Siobhan Manson, was to “offer them 1/3 of the asking price.” Trying to haggle took a sufficient amount of time and energy but definitely was well worth it in the end. The variety in this five floor complex was incredible; you name it and they have it, and if not they would order it or sometimes even make it for you.The only problem now is trying to carry around all our purchases on top of the luggage we already have!!!

A few of the gang visited the China Splendid Theme Park, which displayed miniature models of Chinese landmarks such as the Terra Cotta Warriors and the Great Wall. Tap dancer and baritone soloist Dewitt explains how it got him “excited about touring China and seeing the landmarks in person.” They had a great time learning about the country and its diverse ethnic cultures.




We all hung out on Saturday night to celebrate a brilliant opening week of tour. It was a nice little bonding session where we could relax and unwind after the busy week. The picture below is taken with one of Sarah’s purchases from the markets… a selfie stick!


Currently we are in Zhuhai, where we’re staying in a gorgeous hotel with a massive gym and leisure centre.



Everyone is loving life and excited for what will be an amazing tour here in China.
Until next week…


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