It's Here - The Offical Riverdance Jewellery has arrived! - Riverdance

It’s Here – The Offical Riverdance Jewellery has arrived!

Are you in Dublin this Saturday 9th August? Come to the Kilkenny Shop on Nassau Street from 11:30am to 12:30pm and meet some of the Riverdance cast as they launch the new jewellery collection.

It is two decades since the show first burst into the public’s heart at the Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin in 1994 and to commemorate its 20 Year anniversary, the International Irish dancing phenomenon Riverdance has designed a range of exquisite charms and charm bracelets.

This unique jewellery collection is inspired by the story of the Riverdance and features a selection of symbolic charms that capture the essence of Irish dance and music allowing you to carry the spirit of Riverdance with you wherever in the world you may be!

Bracelets are available in either silver-plated or woven leather, with charms made with fine materials including Swarovski Crystals along with the choice of many designs set with birthstones and colored enamels created from iconic moments from the show.

The new Riverdance Jewellery collection makes for the perfect keepsake or gift. Collect the story of Riverdance and relive the Riverdance experience

Can wait until the launch tomorrow?  You can shop online on right now

The Riverdance Collection

Riverdance charm bracelets. Choose from silver-plated or woven leather, the bracelets come with safety chain charm with Riverdance logo tag and finely detailed Irish dance shoe charm.
Traditional heavy Irish dancing shoes bead which represents the un-mistakable Riverdance rhythm and percussion of the Irish dancer dancing across the stage while lines of dancers tap out resonating beats. Set to dangle from a beautiful hand crafted and intricate Celtic knot work bead.

Countess Cathleen – fuchsia coloured facetted glass bead, created from the memorable scene from the show –“Sensual, nurturing, independent and fierce, the power of women as they celebrate themselves and challenge men in a dance of empowerment.”

Firedance bead – fire red rounded bead engraved with Riverdance, inspired from the choreography of the dance number. “The power of the sun invests itself in the passion of the dancer”

World Record line of dancers – A collectable bead to commemorate the iconic Riverdance Troupe of dancers and the 2013 Riverdance Longest Line World Record set on the banks of the river Liffey. With 96 radiant rose coloured Swarovski crystals and Riverdance 20 engraving.

Love Riverdance 20 Years Heart Charm – with 12 Swarvoski crystals, For all those who love Riverdance

Fiddle charm on Celtic knot work bead – The fiddle brings the musical ensemble through many journeys and tones both high and low from rough seas to high mountains from ethereal to the physical.

Irish Hand Drum or bodhrán – is the ancient Irish percussion instrument that is so important in the show’s captivating rhythm and emotional journey.

Celtic Knot charm – originating from the roots of the show. A complex and traditional weave of bands over and under in a modern setting with beautiful Riverdance engraving.

Diary of a Dancer with Sarah Woods


Riverdance for Rwanda released on 11 August 1994