Diary of a Dancer with Sarah Woods - Riverdance

Diary of a Dancer with Sarah Woods

This week I was free as a bird during the days as my time teaching the international students has come to an end. I still found the days going so quick though!

The second Masterclass was held on Saturday 26th July, as I walked into the studio I was taken a back by how warm it was… Even the mirrors had fogged up from all the hard work being done and again I was blown away by the handwork, determination and focus from everyone taking part. It was also great to see our dance director, Niamh O’Connor back in action dancing and teaching the Riverdance steps. John McColgan, our director and Moya Doherty, our producer were in attendance and took part in the question and answer section. They too were so impressed with the level of talent in the room.


Another special visitor to Dublin that weekend was Andreas Eschemann and his wife. During our European tour in Munich, Andreas was lucky enough to be the 25th millionth audience member to see Riverdance. Imagine that! It is just mind blowing to think that the show has been seen by that many people. Andreas, along with getting to see the show in Germany also won a trip to Ireland. During the days he and his wife passed the time seeing the sights of Dublin and then came to watch the evening show. They tell me they thoroughly enjoyed the performance and were delighted to see the show where it all started 20 years ago in Dublin’s fair city.


A week was a busy week for cast coming and going in the Gaiety. As we have an extended run of 10 weeks in the Gaiety, it makes it alittle easier for people to take time off, Kaite and Lauren were lucky enough to get way to Ibiza for a little holiday and we also welcomed Christina and Kincaid back into the company for the remainder of the summer run here.

Did you know that Riverdance will also joining the ever popular duo Ant and Dec on their ‘Saturday Night Take Away Tour’ across the UK and Ireland, performing a special routine in each live show? Well you do now!Our cast members taking part started rehearsing in London this week. Chatting to Callum, who is performing male lead during that tour, he told me that they are having a great time and everything is going to plan. They even get to take part in the sections that are for the audience participation!! The commercial dancers that they are working on the show are evening being taught the steps, I hear they are having great fun and doing a fantastic job. I honestly can’t wait to see the show when it comes to Dublin. Slightly jealous they get to tour with Ant and Dec! I love them on the TV and they never fail to make me laugh!


This week we will be saying goodbye to Fiona and Jason as their time in the Gaiety has finished for the summer. Boo! Although we have some regular faces coming to join us and we can’t wait to catch up with them as we haven’t seen them in a long time.

I got to have a sneaky peek at behind the scenes of the Riverdance photoshoot for the official launch of the jewellery collection. Lead dancers Chloey, James and Emma were involved and I just know the pictures will be gorgeous. So watch this space for that! I love my bracelet and charms and have been wearing it everyday!


Emma had a full run through for her first lead the other day and you would think she was doing it all summer. She was brilliant and then for the actual day she surpassed herself! Such a beautiful dancer and wonderful lead. We just got her a little present before the show which she was delighted with. During her finale a very proud dad jumped up in the audience she finished the show on cloud nine.


The girls have a very busy week ahead of them as we face into another week. Make sure to keep up to date with all the goings on on Facebook and twitter!


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