Enjoying Belgium - Riverdance

Enjoying Belgium

This past week the Liffey Company toured Belgium, home of the amazing Belgian Waffle! We spent a lot of time in Antwerp where most of the cast, myself included, spent our days in the shops enhancing our summer wardrobes. Walking down the streets you cannot help but notice the amazing smells coming from the waffle vendors on every corner. It’s almost impossible to walk by them without grabbing a freshly made waffle with fresh strawberries and cream or chocolate on top!


Later in the week we found ourselves in Hasselt with some time to kill at the theater before the show. As it was absolutely gorgeous out we decided to take advantage of the sun and play a rousing game of rounders (kind of like baseball) in the back lot. We had to improvise with a ball and bat but we enjoyed spending a few hours in the sun!


In Oostend our theater was right on the beach! A few members of our cast had been to Oostend before and knew an amazing chicken restaurant in town that we all tried. It’s always fun returning to a city you’ve been to before and visiting some of the same restaurants and sights again. Ghent and Brussels were our final two stops in Belgium and they proved to be as gorgeous as any European city could be. The architecture and town squares were quite the sight to behold. Nicola Dempsey, Shaun Kelly, Maggie Darlington and I even had tea in one of the many gorgeous tea shops in the town square before the show. As excited as I am to be in France right now, I must say I hope my travels take me back to Belgium sometime again in the future!


All photos © Meghan Lucey

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