Life on the road with Michael Wood - Riverdance

Life on the road with Michael Wood

The French are known for their culinary mastery and rich culture, so kicking things off in Bordeaux was a stroke of genius. A city full of modern art and architecture that mingles perfectly with its more historic and and classical ancestry. And down each alley you’ll find beautiful wine shops, brasseries, and breath taking monuments, until you finally arrive in front of Bordeaux Palais, right on the river.


Montpelier, though smaller than Bordeaux still welcomed us with a gracious French greeting. Some of the cast went straight to the pool on the roof to catch some sun and enjoy the beautiful weather, while the rest of us went to explore the town. I had lunch in one of the town squares, next to the opera house, enjoying the sun and relaxing, as the French were. Which, I must say, was fitting as it was the European version of Americas “Labor Day”.


And then there was Nice. I’m really not trying to make you guys jealous with this blog, and remember, we are out here working, not away on holiday. That being said, a more beautiful and calm coast line I have never seen. We may have been lucky to beat the crowds, and that is fine by me. After the show a few people made the short journey to visit Monte Carlo, while others sought out the serene night life of this coastal gem.

Toulon, while beautiful as well, was full of very interesting people. While having lunch, I started talking with a man and his wife. He was born and raised in Washington Heights, in New York City, was a musician for the New York City Ballet for the end of Balanchine’s career there, taught English to foreigners, and had retired to Toulon with his wife, who was born there. I was also approached by an African charity worker, who I kid you not, said to me, “hakuna matata” at one point in our conversation.


It really pays to love what you, and do what you love.



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