Riverdance celebrates 25 millionth visitor in Munich - Riverdance

Riverdance celebrates 25 millionth visitor in Munich


Riverdance is currently celebrating our 20th anniversary this year and has just sets another record this weekend in Munich, our 25 millionth viewer!

This Saturday at Olympiahalle in Munich, Our German concert promoter Hermjo Klein welcomed the 25 millionth visitor and gave him the official certificate.

With this achievement Riverdance proves once again that the fascination and myth which the incredible show is surrounded by never cease. Since our first performance in 1994 during the break at the Eurovision Song Contest Riverdance have preformed over 11,000 shows in 46 different countries. Now in our anniversary year the show is touring through Europe and just congratulated a German fan for being the 25 millionth viewer!



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WELTREKORD! Riverdance feiert in München seinen 25-millionsten Zuschauer!