Life on tour with Dancer Meghan Lucey - Riverdance

Life on tour with Dancer Meghan Lucey

St. Patricks Day and Ab Club

As you can imagine, St. Patricks Day is one of our favorite holidays. On tour we try to be as festive as we can to remind us of home and when we were younger dressing in all green for the local parades. This year in Vienna we found an Irish bar where we could wear ribbons and green hats and celebrate until the wee hours of the morning!

Dancers in Pub

Ever wonder what goes on between numbers during a show? Well during one of the breaks a few of the girls have formed ‘Ab Club’ under the direction of certified personal trainer and lead dancer, Chloey Turner. Chloey creates a different combination of exercises every other day to work on a mixture of abs, core stability, lower back, balance and upper body strength. According to Chloey all of these work outs are designed to “help with posture, muscle balance, stability and the feel good factor!” As you can see in the picture below, Ab club sure puts a smile on our faces!


As Irish dancers we are typically stronger in our lower bodies but with the help of Chloeys Ab Club we can work on the balance between upper and lower body strength. I know I find it easier to carry my suitcase on travel day after one of the upper body sessions in Ab Club! When asked what she likes most about Ab Club, frequent member Orlagh Carty replied “It helps keep me warm throughout the show and to stay fit while on tour.”

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