Michelle Obama speaks to the youth audience at Riverdance


First Lady Michelle Obama spoke to an excited audience of Irish school children at the Gaiety Theatre Dublin prior to a special performance of Riverdance produced in her honour.

She was joined on stage by Sabina Higgins, wife of President Higgins, Fionnuala Kenny, wife of Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Moya Doherty, Producer of Riverdance.

Speaking directly to the youth audience she advised the school children to work hard and cultivate self belief. “You guys, young people, you just have my heart. My girls know I can embarrass them and love them to death, but young people, you guys move me in ways that you don’t even imagine” she said.  “We love you too” was the spontaneous response from the audience!

As the First Lady finished speaking the audience stood and broke into rapturous applause .

Michelle Obama meets the cast


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