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Ostend – Fanday at Club Brugge KV

Promoting the forthcoming Riverdance dates at Kursaal, Ostend from July 24 to August 5, Riverdance dancers entertained the 20,000 enthusiastic fans at the Fan Day at Club Brugge KV on 8th July 2012.



Watch Riverdance at Fandag Club Brugge 2012 Video

Video Clip Riverdance at Fandag-Brugge-2012


Nu in verkoop!

Kursaal Oostende

Van 24 juli t/m 5 augustus.

Er zijn shows van dinsdag t/m vrijdag om 20 uur,

op zaterdag om 15 en 20 uur

en op zondag om 14 uur en 18 uur.

Nancy Walgraef
July 29, 2012

I was at the show in oostende, it makes me breathless and give me some goosebombs!
Congratulations with the beautifull scenes


Joly Vandenplas
August 7, 2012

It was nearly 16 years ago since I saw my first Riverdance show live at the age of eight. This year, I managed to go not once but twice to the Ostend show, once for my 24th birthday and once to show my dear grandmother what she had missed out on all these years.

My admiration for the show and it’s team (from dancers to muscians and backstage crew) has only intensified during these 16 years, that I nearly started crying from happiness when I heard the first tunes of music being played at the start of the show.

Knowing that it was probably the last time that ‘Riverdance’ came to Belgium tore a little hole in my heart for I came to love the show dearly. Also the fact that my mother, who won the tickets to the show when I was eight, has never been able to see the show due to being a wheelchair user, makes the goodbye to the show a bit more sad then normal.

My opinion of the show when I was eight was: ‘ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS’. Today I still stand by that opinion and even dare to see that I would never get bored watching ‘Riverdance’.

Therefore a heartfelt thank you to everybody involved with the show that this 24 year old remembered how it felt to be eight years old and completely flabbergasted.

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